MOVYMIA®▼ (teriparatide)


MOVYMIA® the teriparatide biosimilar from Thornton & Ross, STADA. MOVYMIA® is indicated for adults for the treatment of osteoporosis in postmenopausal women and in men at increased risk of fracture.1

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Why treat osteoporosis?

In the UK, more than 3 million people are estimated to have osteoporosis. Reduced bone density is the major risk factor for fragility fracture, but other factors also increase the risk.2 Increasing age in both sexes and menopause in women leads to increased bone loss, and therefore the prevalence of osteoporosis increases markedly with age – for example, in women it increases from 2% at 50 years of age to >25% at 80 years of age.2 Approximately 549,000 fragility fractures occur annually. Such fractures cause severe pain, disability, and reduction in quality of life.3

The cost of fragility fractures to the NHS exceeds £4.7 billion per annum3 of which £2.6 billion is directly incurred after an incident fracture (£1.1 billion for hip fractures alone), with more than £1.7 billion attributable to institutional care costs post-fracture (estimated for 2017). Total direct costs for 2019 were £5.4 billion accounting for 2.4% of healthcare spending3

In the UK, fragility fractures are estimated to account for 579,722 DALYs.3 DALYs are Disability Adjusted Life Years lost, largely driven by years lived with disability. This equates to 24 DALYs per 1000 people aged over 50 years, which is comparable to the DALYs lost from dementia3

After hip fracture the mean hospital length of stay is 20 days3 accounting for half a million hospital bed days used each year, with 3,600 hospital beds (3,159 in England, 325 in Wales and 133 in Northern Ireland) occupied at any one time by patients recovering from hip fracture3

Loss of Independence is common following a hip fracture3 with only 52% living in their own home after 120 days and 26% will die within 12 months of their fracture. Most major osteoporotic fractures are associated with reduced relative survival, part causally related and part due to associated co-morbidity3

19.6% increase in the number of fragility fractures is predicted by 20303

Ageing of the UK population is predicted to give rise to a 19.6% increase in the number of fragility fractures by 2030 if changes are not made to current practice.3

MOVYMIA® (teriparatide)


MOVYMIA® is approved in the UK for the treatment of:1,*

  • Osteoporosis in post-menopausal adult women at increased risk of fracture
  • Osteoporosis in adult men at increased risk of fracture
  • Osteoporosis associated with sustained systemic glucocorticoid therapy in women and men at increased risk of fracture


The recommended dose for MOVYMIA® is 20 μg/80 μl, self-administered once daily via a subcutaneous injection in the thigh or abdomen1

Minimal Waste

Cartridge lasts for 28 days1
Pen lasts for full treatment period1

The safety profile of MOVYMIA® is equivalent to the reference product4,a

The most commonly reported adverse reactions in patients treated with MOVYMIA® were:1,a

  • Nausea
  • Pain in limb
  • Headache
  • Dizziness

Adverse events more common with MOVYMIA® than placebo were:1,a,b

  • Vertigo
  • Nausea
  • Pain in limb
  • Dizziness
  • Depression
  • Dyspnoea

The incidence of adverse events was similar between MOVYMIA® and the reference product (54% vs 62%)4,c

The incidence of anti-drug antibodies was similar for MOVYMIA® and the reference product and no neutralising anti-drug antibodies were detected4,d

There was no evidence of hypersensitivity reactions, allergic reactions, effects on serum calcium or effects on bone mineral density response related to anti-drug-antibodies1,e

MOVYMIA® (teriparatide) HCP and Patient Support:

We understand that information to support you and your patients on their treatment journey is essential to their treatment success. We have developed a range of resources to support you and your patient through the injection process and help your patients understand more about their treatment.

Clinical Resource:


MOVYMIA® (teriparatide) 
Clinical Summary

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MOVYMIA® (teriparatide)
Treatment Diary

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Patient Guide

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Patient Website

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1. Movymia 20 micrograms/80 microliters solution for injection Summary of Product Characteristics (SmPC), Available at: (accessed November 2022). 2. UK consensus guideline on the management of patients at low, high, and very high risk of osteoporotic fracture. Available at: (accessed November 2022). 3. National Osteoporosis Guideline Group UK (NOGG), clinical guideline for the prevention and treatment of osteoporosis. Updated September 2021. Available at: (accessed November 2022). 4. STADA. Movymia® European Public Assessment Report, 2017. Available at: (accessed November 2022). 5. DM+D available at: and at (accessed November 2022).

* As “increased risk of fracture” is not defined in the Movymia® Summary of Product Characteristics, it needs to be determined by the treating physician on a case-by-case basis and/or based on local guidelines. † Less waste by volume – one Movymia® cartridge per month versus one Forsteo® pre-filled syringe per month.

a. Based on data from clinical trials with teriparatide; b. ≥1% difference in frequency from placebo; c. Based on a randomised, double-blind, single-dose (20 μg/80 μL subcutaneous injection), fixed-dose, 2-way crossover comparative study of Movymia® and the reference product in 54 healthy, adult pre-menopausal females; d. Assessed in a comparative 4-week repeat-dose toxicity study in rats; e. Assessed in a large clinical trial with women receiving teriparatide.


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Adverse events should be reported. Reporting forms and information can be found at: Adverse events should also be reported to Thornton and Ross Limited by emailing or by calling 01484 848164.